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Photo by C-Monster.

  • Today’s if-a-tree-falls-in-a-forest story: If public art goes missing, does anyone notice? Not in Miami.
  • Britney + Petraeus=Comedy Gold
  • News Flash: Museums are pandering to Latinos by giving away free tacos. I wish they’d pander to Latinos by renting out their galleries for quinceañeras. Just think of the photo ops.
  • And speaking of pandering.
  • Trippy techno-art.
  • Hostile Film Review of the Week: “Think of it like Todd Solondz remaking Crash in a cul-de-sac, but with twice the tampons and a quarter of the self-respect.” Ouch. (Via Art Fag City.)
  • Insect origami.
  • Sci-fi car parks.
  • Strangely compelling Barbie jewelry.
  • The 12 Most Horrifying Torture Devices in Human History: Sadly, neither Paris Hilton’s “acting” nor the President’s State of the Union speeches made the list. I guess there’s always next year. (Via Critical Miami.)
  • The science of gangsta rap lyrics. Complete with Venn diagrams.
  • Your moment of zen: Edward Hopper at the National Gallery.
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