Things from ’07 that I don’t want to deal with in ’08.

Bush one of the worst disasters
Starting with this clown. Photo by jasonmontague.

  1. The Celebrity Industrial Complex.
  2. Any art that utilizes images of Mickey Mouse or Marilyn Monroe. It’s been done. To death. Please stop.
  3. Douchebags.
  4. The use of the term “eco” as a ploy to sell people more shit.
  5. Starchitects.
  6. Visual art that requires an essay-length text on methodology to make the piece on display seem interesting.
  7. The phrase “design-conscious,” especially when referring to children. (They shit their pants. Does anyone think they really care about mid-century Modern?)
  8. Classist museum policies that allow women with Samsonite-sized handbags to breeze in, but force me to stand in Soviet-era lines to check in a backpack.
  9. The notion that Rudy Giuliani is a viable presidential candidate.
  10. The Art Bubble.  
Posted by C-Monster.


  1. Ben

    Brilliant! Especially #6, though I fear we’re a long way off from the end of that trend. My favorite “explanation” of 07: “I was thinking of aggregating seriality.” Don’t remember the artist (or the piece), but the description was an art form all its own.

  2. Matthias

    I recently started the Eco Art Blog, but I’m not selling anything. The greenwashing trend is annoying, but I hope there is still a shred of meaning left in the term.