Get out. A hedge fund manager needs your apartment.

475 Kent
Wanted: Cheap artist’s loft building that can be quickly taken over for the purpose of rapid gentrification. Willing to concoct some ridiculous story about zoning in order to get rid of current, below-market-rate tenants on the coldest day of the year.
Motivated buyer. (Photo courtesy of BruceLaBounty802, who is currently couch-surfing his way through New York City. See more of his “evacuation” photos on his Flickr.)

This past Monday, a number of friends, along with several hundred other residents, were “evacuated” from 475 Kent in Brooklyn, because of alleged fire hazards (a matzo factory in the basement) and because the landlord had been renting out the commercial spaces as residential units. It all seems pretty damn bogus. People have been living at 475 Kent for years. I’ve personally been going to visit friends there for more than a decade. Why do I get the feeling that this building will eventually be converted into luxury condos? And why do I get the feeling that all of us, who live paycheck to humble paycheck, will eventually be commuting to New York City from somewhere in Philadelphia? And why why why is NYC turning into the anonymous suburb I fled?

Update: Bloggy has a good image from this whole thing.

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