Mini-Digest: Spiral Jetty edition.

Spiral Jetty
Photo by dalylab.

  • Spiral Jetty comment period extended until Feb. 13th, reports MAN. So, if you have not sent an e-mail to the Utah governor’s office, you’ve still got time.
  • More reports on AFC, Looking Around, USA Today, Art to Go, and Eyeteeth.
  • Update: See maps of the site on Newsgrist and Grammar Police.
  • In unrelated news, while trolling through The Exhibitionist, I came across the following tidbit: Charlie Finch over at ArtNet is super p.o.’d about seeing Christian Viveros-Faune let go. And I quote: “Thanks to the nitpicking morons of the art blogosphere, the Village Voice recently dismissed its art critic Christian Viveros-Faune due to his self-declared involvement with two art fairs. The foggy bloggies, who never tire of circle-jerking each other with praise in their dull, redundant musings, began to call for ‘regulating’ critical speech like the blue-nosed cryptofascists they are, while ignoring the free market manipulations of the auction houses and blue chip galleries they love to suck up to.” I’m gonna make t-shirts that read “Dull, Redundant, Nitpicking Moron.” Anyone want to buy one?
Posted by C-Monster.