Photos: El Anatsui at the Met.

El Anatsui
Between Heaven and Earth (2006) by El Anatsui. Photos by C-M.

Someone please explain: On Sunday, I paid a visit to the Met’s first major piece of contemporary African art: Between Heaven and Earth by El Anatsui. This sculpture kicks serious ass. So why would the museum hide it in an under-construction corner of the African galleries amid totemic 19th century wood carvings? Why hasn’t this piece been awarded some nice piece of real estate in the contemporary wing, where it belongs? Can someone please tell me why we can’t seem to move beyond this geographic provincialism?

You can find a podcast Q&A with El Anatsui here and his website here. Plus: sweet photos of some of his other pieces.

Detail shots after the jump.

El Anatsui
Detail: Between Heaven and Earth by El Anatsui.

El Anatsui
Detail: Aluminum bottle cap covers.

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  1. Ries

    Ummm- Cultural chauvinism and racism?

    Funny how when the Project Runway contestants go to the Met for “inspiration” they didnt get to see this piece- I know it makes me wanna make clothes.

  2. sharon

    I am so in love with his work. I felt the same way about seeing his piece at our local haunt, SAM. I thought it should have been in the contemporary collection as well.

    He’s brilliant. Thanks for the link!