Bid on a tour of Jeff Koons studio. For reals.

Made in Heaven
You too can see the source of dazzling sculptures such as this. Photo by tiboutoo.

You’ve got roughly four hours to whip out the platinum Amex and lay down a bid for a private tour of Jeff Koons studio in NYC, an experience that is described thusly:

Amazing opportunity for a once in a lifetime, behind the scenes tour with art star Jeff Koons! Enjoy a private tour of his studio in New York with the artist himself. You will visit the site where Koons and his many assistants finely craft his extraordinary paintings and sculptures. Better than Andy Warhol’s Factory. Words cannot describe what is in store for you and a maximum of 3 friends. [Italics mine.]

I can think of a few words to describe it, but they’re NSFW. Right now, bids are in the neighborhood of $3,700. (If that doesn’t grab you, you can also bid on a private tour of BCAM with LACMA museum director Michael Govan.) Up next: bid on a tour of C-Monster’s Brooklyn apartment. Only $50. Includes lunch and a bong hit.

Posted by C-Monster.


  1. Marshall

    Whoever is promoting these auctions needs to learn how to communicate. They spammed my comments with cut and past ads for this auction.