Takashi Murakami & Star Wars.

After reading an interview in which Murakami discussed the influence that Star Wars (and other sci fi) has had on his work, I thought a visual pairing might be of interest:

Takashi Murakami
Tan Tan Bo, 2001 by Takashi Murakami.

Star Wars TIE Fighter explosion
A TIE fighter gets it from the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.

Plus: A time lapse video of Murakami sculptures going up at the Brooklyn Museum. (This link will only be available for the duration of the show…because lord knows what could happen if people could access this sort of information once the pieces come down.)

Posted by C-Monster.


  1. skunkworks

    Duh, the video comes down because otherwise everyone would know how to install a Murakami show themselves and art handlers everywhere would starve. It’s a union thing.

  2. martin

    what about the influence eating mushrooms has had on murakami? no one ever talks about that one.