Photos: Superheroes Fashion & Fantasy, at The Met.

© Sam Horine
Mystique of the X-Men: Ladies, this is what happens when you don’t moisturize. You become a shape-shifting supervillain with perky tits and an attitude.

Badass photographer Sam Horine (who, coincidentally, has a coupla pix in this month’s L Magazine photo issue) was at the media preview for The Met’s new animated hero/sartorial extravaganza, Superheroes Fashion & Fantasy. (Can you say crowd-pleaser?) Sadly, he was unable to secure any multi-million-dollar images of TomKat, J.Lo or Plastic Woman (and if he did, I have a feeling he wouldn’t be giving them to He did manage, however, to slip us a few good pix of the show, which looks like a sci-fi-meets-fashion-meets-museum wet dream. Though there does seem to be one glaring curatorial omission. Two words: Edna Mode.

The show is up through September 1st, 2008. See Horine’s full set of photographs at

More money shots after the jump.

© Sam Horine
Christian Bale’s Batman ensemble: It’s nice and all, but does it have nipples?

© Sam Horine
Omigod, didn’t we meet at margarita night at Barracuda sometime in the ’90s? Pierre Cardin’s Roman warrior remix from ’94.

© Sam Horine
A flight suit from Atair. Plenty of room for the astronaut nappy.

© Sam Horine
Look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a bunch of paunchy guys with cameras.

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  • And CultureGrrl, who is not a fan of this super hero business (despite her blog’s name), but who, usefully, quotes from the museum’s enlightening wall text, which includes gems such as, “Just as Superman’s costume proclaims him a super man, Spider-Man’s costume proclaims him a spider man.” What makes it even funnier is that someone with a Ph.D. probably wrote that.

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  1. Marshall

    If that’s what happens when you don’t moisturize, then I’m declaring a one man war on moisturizing. By day I’ll be a mild mannered arts administrator, and by night I’ll hijack Neutrogena trucks and burn them to the ground, leaving their fear-stricken, tied up drivers to warn others of my vigilante efforts.