Election ’08 giveaway.

A Time It Was
A Time It Was, by Bill Eppridge. (Photos by C-M.)

Two nights ago, as part of my oh-so-busy social calendar (which includes standing appointments at the Los Hermanos taco stand), I dropped in on former Life photojournalist Bill Eppridge‘s book party for the release of A Time It Was in the East Village. In addition to consuming more than my share of wine and amazing cheese, I also managed to pick-up an extra copy of Bill’s book, which he was kind enough to sign for me. In honor of the beginning of the end of Election ’08, I’m giving away this signed copy of a book that covers another historic election. It’s a lovely hardback tome of Bill’s photographs from Robert Kennedy’s ’68 campaign. (See an online excerpt on Vanity Fair‘s website.) The candid shots are a wonder to behold.

Leave your name (or pseudonym) in the comments and we’ll pick a winner at random next week. (Update: I understand that the book is now on back order…even more reason to sign up!)

Photos from the book party follow the jump.

A Time It Was Book party
Bill’s RFK memorabilia.

Bill Eppridge
Bill thanks the crowd for coming.

Bill Eppridge
Signing books.

Bill Eppridge
The crooked cane.

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  1. Joujoubee (Katie)

    The book looks great…I remember the campaign and that horrible year.
    I am just discovering your blog and enjoying it immensely!

  2. sacha

    does everyone have a kennedy story?
    rfk’s son doug let me use his convertible to move all my junk from one apartment to the next back in the early nineties. it was a huge car, especially with the top down, so i only had to make one trip.
    the frame of my futon jutted out of the back seat, up into the air and the stereo system was rockin’.

  3. cb

    looks like a good party. but just to hear bill tell tales of rfk, nyc in the 60′s, fast cars and motorcycles (his), well that alone would have been worth the airfare. sorry to miss, best to adrienne. want a copy!

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