The Digest. 06.17.08.

Neo Rauch at David Zwirner
Die Stickerin, 2008, by Neo Rauch at David Zwirner in NYC, through June 21st. (Photo by C-M.)

Posted by C-Monster.


  1. orangemenace

    The bird’s nest video + comment isn’t a question of free speech – that man is complaining about a situation that he has contributed to by participating in the construction process and designing something complicated that was sure to put unprotected workers at risk.

    Boycotting the Olympics is a BS way of protesting China’s human rights violations when you had the opportunity to TURN DOWN A PROJECT THERE.

  2. C-Monster

    on the point of accepting the commission, agreed, he coulda turned it down from the get-go. but my question is: does receiving a commission necessarily require compliance in matters of opinion?

    besides, he accepted the commission in ’03 and has distanced himself only recently. surely he’s allowed to change his mind?

  3. jasonlujan

    re Ai Wei Wei

    I’m calling this as hypocrisy. He spent years in a Chinese labor camp, etc. so he had plenty of history and reason to refuse taking the gov’t's commission money for his role in the stadium. But he didn’t.

    Bad analogy/cliche: People who buy stolen (luxury) goods, knowing they’re stolen, and then call the seller a thief don’t have room for indignity.

  4. C-Monster


    i guess i’m defending the indefensible on this one. i just figured that anyone who was willing to talk trash about an authoritarian regime should be allowed to do so, no matter how bogus their motivations. (look ma, i’m on tv!)