Photos: Post No Bills at Gallerie Pulaski in NYC.

Gallerie Pulaski
From left to right: Danny Licul, Celso and Infinity, as well as the terror of the streets, Tefsukaz, a.k.a. Dean Radinovsky. (Photos by C-M.)

Tired of all those stuffy white boxes that are only open four days a week? Well, so are the group of artists who opened an outdoor gallery, known as the Gallerie Pulaski (in honor of the nearby bridge), on the construction walls surrounding a soon-to-be condo site in Long Island City, Queens. Organized by Celso, who was abetted by the very mathematical Infinity, of chashama, the two have hung an outdoor show called Post No Bills with pieces by a combination of street and studio artists. The gallery is open 24/7, which means that if you get a hankering to see a charcoal landscape at 3 a.m., well, now you know where to go. There’s even going to be an opening, this Friday, June 27th, from 7-9 p.m. Just look for the two guys with the lawn chairs and the cooler. Bring a flask and your sense of humor.

Gallerie Pulaski Opening Reception:
Friday, June 27, 2008 7-9PM
48-15 11th Street @ Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, Queens

7 to Vernon Blvd/ Jackson Ave.


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Gallerie Pulaski
Condos rising. There’s an astounding lack of nature in this scene.

Gallerie Pulaski
Abe Lincoln Jr. with Infinity.

Gallerie Pulaski
Inga Huld Tryggvadottir.

Gallerie Pulaski
Construction signage and Evelyn Metzger.

Gallerie Pulaski
James Willis.

Gallerie Pulaski
Gallerie Pulaski.

Gallerie Pulaski
Tefsukaz by Dean Radinovsky.

Gallerie Pulaski
Royce Bannon.

Gallerie Pulaski
Left to right: Infinity, Royce Bannon, Inga Huld Tryggvadottir, and Abe Lincoln Jr.

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