The Digest. 08.13.08. Exploding coffee maker edition.

Sqon in Barcelona
Sqon in Barcelona. (Photo by C-M.)

Posted by C-Monster.


  1. Carol Diehl

    I don’t think making hot springs accessible and useable is necessarily ruinous to the experience of nature–especially if done in a tasteful way. Perhaps making such wonders available gives people a direct experience and greater appreciation of nature that will result in more care and preservation elsewhere. This appears comparable to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, outside Reykjavik, which is totally commercial and totally wonderful

  2. C-Monster

    it’s not the accessibility that i take issue with. it’s the design of the platform. it does nothing to blend in with its surroundings. presumably, if you’re at a place like this, you’re there to appreciate nature, not a Target-red walkway…

    the Desert Museum in Tucson is probably one of the most effective spots I’ve seen in which the architecture blends seemlessly into the environment.

    on a side note, i do sometimes take issue with making nature too accessible. nature is nature. it’s not always supposed to be easy to access.