The Digest. 08.14.08.

Skewville in Barcelona
Skewville in Barcelona. (Photo by C-M.)

Posted by C-Monster.


  1. Marshall

    Brief Zaha Hadid anecdote. I’ll leave the venue out, but she came into an office in LA and ordered a pile of employees to leave because there were “too many ugly people in here.”

  2. Moxie Dalston

    Dear C Monster,

    Dear Bomit,

    We pulled this piece of street art off in London a couple of days ago. It’s not graff but it definitely lives in the same world. Go here to watch the movie…
    It’s first up and has a great star called Surreal Maniac.

    This isn’t a submission/pitch or an anything.
    Just stuff we like making.

    Yours, Moxie