Arrivederci (for now) San Suzie.

San Suzie and C-Monster
San Suzie and C-Monster get ready to rock the town. (Photo by C-M.) might seem like the work of a single cracked-out loner, sitting in a basement, high on Red Bull and rubber cement. But the fact is that a website such as this requires the efforts of several cracked-out loners (preferably high on cafe cubano and Amsterdam Flame). Were it not for the efforts of my esteemed colleague, San Suzie, this piece of Internet ridiculosity would be just another blog. She’s not only been a mastermind, but has been inordinately helpful: San Suzie once turned up a boat and captain for a day-long tour of Miami narchitecture. She’s talked her way past security at fancy-pants museum openings in L.A. And she has contributed her own pieces of fine web journalism: Hello, moldy pop tarts and chocolate Santa buttplugs! This is all to say that she’s a big part of the reason this site even exists.

Now, after all her excellent, un-remunerated, un-credited work for this enterprise, she is abandoning me to go on a year-long fellowship in Rome, where she’ll be spending a lot of time readin’, writin’ and invertin’ the paradigm, not to mention drinking ungodly amounts of chianti. She’ll be sorely missed. She’ll also be expected to file regular dispatches from Italy.

Bacci Baci, C.


  1. ale []

    I’ll miss her, even if I didn’t know she existed till 5 minutes ago. by the way, why on earth won’t she be able to write from rome? now even Italians have the internet.

    ah, and if you mean “kisses”, it’s spelled Baci, with one “c”.

  2. jasonlujan

    time to hold an open call for interns.
    seriously, maybe it will be nice to get a perspective from someone looking at us from the outside (who was formerly inside) for a while.

  3. San-suzie

    Do not believe a word of this post. I exist only in C-monster’s mind, an alter ego that only materializes at 4:20 each afternoon. She is so eager to go to Rome that she has astrally projected me there, so she can begin to terrorize Europe with her commentary.