The Digest. 09.18.08.

Christian Curiel at Kevin Bruk
Christian Curiel at Kevin Bruk Gallery in Miami. His show, Collapsing Inwards, is up through Nov. 11th. (Photo by C-M.)


  1. Ries

    Cal Lane is an interesting, cool artist- I love her lace shovels- but those are not “oil barrels” and they are not “engraved”.
    They are gas cans, and they are plasma cut, with a torch by hand, hence the papel picado look.

    One thing about the internet that is very irritating is young 20 somethings who are incredibly fluent in photoshop and HTML and Facebook, who have no idea about history, literature, craftsmanship, or anything invented before 1990.

  2. Ries

    Yeah, but you actually know something.

    I was, in my crochety old man comment, referring to the writer of the link you posted to, not you.

  3. c-monster

    lol. not very much. though the one thing i do know with a high degree of certainty is that nyquil makes me feel as if my head isn’t connected to my body…

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