Lehman Bros. CEO a top art collector. For a few more minutes.

Richard Fuld
You gotta know when to Fuld ‘em. (Image courtesy of Forbes.)

In addition to having a multi-million dollar Greenwich, Conn. mansion with 20 rooms and a squash court, it turns out that Lehman Bros. CEO Richard Fuld, and his wife Kathleen, regularly make ARTNews‘s Top 200 Collectors list for their “works on paper, especially postwar and contemporary.” Which leads me to believe that there’s gonna be a bunch of postwar and contemporary works on paper hitting a local auction house sometime soon. If they don’t get shredded by p.o.’d Lehman traders first. In the meantime, Fuld’s fall should presumably open up a slot on next year’s Top Collectors list.

(Thanks to Todd Kessler for the heads up!)


  1. al

    One would be delusional to think the he (or any CEO similarly in his position) is going to financially suffer.

  2. c-monster

    surely he’ll have to divest a few prints and a summer cottage now that his stock is in the pooper?

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