The art of tailgating, USC edition.

As the Bud Lite kicks in, this entrepreneurial young lady goes into full performance mode with Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

To psychologically prepare for my upcoming fellowship at USC, I attended this past weekend’s university tailgate festivities prior to watching the Trojans give the Oregon State Ducks a one-handed ass-whooping. There were countless parties all over campus (and in the campus parking lots), but I spent this particular tailgate drinking Bud in the company of a couple hundred future moguls at the business school’s well-stocked gathering. In addition to the copious supply of domestic beer, the party was a visual feast of maroon and gold in every polyester iteration you could imagine — and then some.

Herewith, a look at tailgate fashion…

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USC Tailgate
Maroon-and-yellow gear? Check. Light beer? Check. Prominently displayed designer handbag? Check. This is the business school tailgate, after all.

Future CEO showcases the latest in USC tailgate headgear: the Trojan baseball cap.

Sweatbands were big. In some cases they looked good

…in other cases, not so much.

Also big: USC-themed Hawaiian shirts, which I understand retail for $100.

Even bigger: Decorous scarves! 

Whatta manwich: I have no doubt I’ll be seeing this B-School specimen’s pixelated face on the cover of the Journal some day. Let’s just hope it has nothing to do with SEC rules violations

Even the canines donned the maroon-and-yellow polyester.

Union rules: Tommy Trojan gets a 5-minute Bud break once an hour.

Insert Trojan condoms joke here.

Looking like an installation from the last Whitney Biennial: the detritus of half a dozen tailgaters.


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