USC/Getty Fellowship Day 21: An L.A. sunset a la James Turrell.

In the beginning… (Photos by C-M.)

Last Friday was the last, exhausting day of the USC Annenberg Getty Fellowship. Thankfully, the three weeks of Chicken Little driving around L.A. were capped with an absolutely sublime happening: we got to watch the sun set inside a James Turrell sculpture at the home of a pair of prominent L.A. art collectors. The piece is super simple: a giant white cube, where you can sit and gape at the sky through an opening overhead (reminiscent of his piece at P.S. 1 in NYC). The square cut out of the ceiling makes for a nice frame. The lights within the sculpture highlight the intensity of changing blues.  Naturally, I snapped the whole process. I’m not quite sure that I was able to fully capture the subtle variations of the sky as the sun set, but I wasn’t gonna leave without giving it a try.

Click on images to supersize. Many more after the jump.

Turrell’s sculpture from outside.

A sliver of sky.

Minutes later, a different shade of blue.

A little bit brighter now.

Looking like a painting by Ellsworth Kelly.

Getting deeper…

…and deeper.

The view up above.

And good night.

View a video of the P.S. 1 sculpture here.

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