Kork: The day in awesome press releases.

Elia Gurna exhibiting at Kork, the 864 square-inch art space in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (Image courtesy of Kork.)

We get a lot of press releases here at C-Monster.net. About gallery shows, museum exhibits, artist books, artist sunglasses, artist shower curtains, and penis enhancement. Most of them are blowhardy snooze-fests (except for the ones about the penises). But every once in a while we get a missive that just warms the cockles of our icy, art-industry hearts. Waiting for us in our inbox last week was a dispatch from Kork, a new 864 square-inch art space in downtown Poughkeepsie, New York.

Located in the offices of Bailey Browne CPA & Associates, just above the communal copier, Kork is a bulletin board-sized space with a bi-monthly rotating slate of exhibits which anyone is welcome to ogle, provided they do it during regular office hours. (Tax season is just around the corner so this could be a twofer.) Kork director Christopher Albert described the project to me as “a very small banal art destination. Like the Lightning Field, but much tinier.”

Herewith, a sample of the press release:

Kork, Poughkeepsie’s newest and most exciting project art space is pleased to announce that Elia Gurna’s work Beautiful Dreamer will be on exhibit through the end of December 2008. Kork is 864 square inches of exhibition space on a bulletin board located above the photocopier in the office of Bailey Browne CPA & Associates. Kork is a venue which encourages artists to explore concepts relating to the nature of work, the role of art in a non art context, issues of memory and attention, communication, utility as decor, the decor of utility, the utility of futility and Lord knows what else — all within the footprint of a standard cork bulletin board.  In two month rotations, artists are invited to respond to the bulletin board space and its context within the office environment.

What more do you need? If we lived in Poughkeepsie, we’d be hightailing it over there this very second.


  1. Ryan

    Very inspiring. I should start this at my office!

    They should top it off with a 2 week residency program where writers come to the office and work on an essay about each exhibition.

  2. John T. Hoffoss

    Businesses that spend thousands on spineless stock corporate art should do more of this, especially since it’s not hard to support independent artists that won’t ruffle the feathers of a conservative (or liberal, to be fair) CPA. <3