The Digest. 12.16.08.

Golden Showers, Met Museum-style: Venus and Cupid, by Lorenzo Lotto, late 1520s. Part of the exhibit, Art and Love in Renaissance Italy, up through Feb. 16. (Surreptitious camphone picture by C-M.)


  1. Dean Wermer, dean emeritus faber college

    i want the chuck close baseball-T ! a funny idea, that actually would make boo-koo bucks if ever implemented

  2. martin

    everytime you link to supertouch you are linking to photos he’s taken from other people’s flickr sites and blogs… which he then re-posts with zero credit… no links, no mentions, no “via”.

    last time you linked to superdouche’s murakami in a flower suit pics… those were taken from a flickr site… the photographer has no affiliation with jamie o’ tightie pants.

    with tod seelie he even took the time to crop out tod’s watermarks –

    many many many of us have left comments on his blog (which do not get approved) asking him to stop doing this… or at least link to the source… he ignores all.

    the guy is a douchebag.