Things from ’08 that we don’t want to deal with in ’09.

Starting with…election coverage of any kind. (Photo by mlitty.)

  1. Obamart and Obamerch. Please stop. He’s a politician, not the second coming.
  2. Ironic mustaches.
  3. YouTube graffiti-making videos set to hip-hop soundtracks. Like watching paint dry. Literally.
  4. Stories about the death of print.
  5. Stories about the death of blogging.
  6. Self-designated architectural movements.
  7. Any art involving excrement or bodily fluids. If we wanted to admire turd logs, we’d get a dog. 
  8. Bailouts.
  9. The use of the word “intervention” in art or architecture. Unless it’s describing some burned-out celeb and a gram-bag, put it to rest.
  10. Artist-led auctions.
– with reporting by San Suzie and Yvonne Connasse.


  1. c-monster

    her blog is called Art Fag City… and i’m hoping that comment was intended in only the most jovial way…

  2. marshall

    You know you’re totally gonna want more poop art in ’09. You’re telling me that if another McCarthy turd-balloon gets free in 2009 and hits a children’s school, that you aren’t going to giggle uncontrollably for at least five minutes?

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  4. Marc Johns

    Solid list, C-Monster. Bang on as always. SRSLY, enough with the Obama merch. Time to put all that good-intentioned energy to better use.
    Oh, and AFC, I kinda agree on that one.
    Speaking of grooming trends, can we put an end to the faux-hawk in ’09?

  5. Pikaland

    I’m finding it increasingly difficult to understand architectural manifestos. Why doesn’t anyone lay it down in simple english anymore? Great list by the way.

  6. Abe Lincoln Jr

    As an emerging artist who’s oevre entails the cycle of consumption and excretion I take offense to your generalized statements about “turd logs” in a post-modern context. My most important works all use “turds”, as you so quaintly put it, as a metaphoric counterbalance to our society’s stifling status quo. Quite frankly I have come to expect this sort of luddite’s view of art that you espouse. From the top down you’re oh so cool dissection of “ArtSpeak” to your glorification of vandalism I am not surprised nor shocked by the hate speech that this site seems to revel in. I will be having new works shown in the “From the Streets of Brooklyn” art show at Thinkspace gallery Jan 9th to Feb. 6th in Los Angeles if you are interested in learning instead of mocking perhaps you may take a look and turn your acidic wit into some circumspection.
    Thank you,
    Abe Lincoln Jr.

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