The C-Mon Museum Audio Guide: Edward Steichen, In High Fashion, the Conde Nast years at ICP.

Ladies Man: Gary Cooper, photographed in 1930 by Edward Steichen. (Image courtesy of ICP.) 

Make your way through the International Center of Photography‘s exhibit on Edward Steichen and you’ll see glamorous fashion models, hunky movie stars and lots of long-forgotten society types striking a pose. What you don’t get is any sort of real information on the people in the pictures. The wall labels provide names and dates — and not much else. Not even the exhibit catalogue (which weighs more than a small dog) will tell you, for example, about the uber-Catholic starlet who secretly gave birth to Clark Gable’s lovechild or the Greta Garbo-wannabe who immolated herself on a pyre of her own publicity.

To address this terrible oversight, I recently teamed up with Paris Bureau Chieftess Yvonne Connasse to create the very first C-Monster Pot-Cast: a 30-minute audio guide to the Steichen show that you can download and listen to as you tour the exhibit. We not only provide plenty of important background on Steichen and his time, but give you the dish on who was sleeping with who.

The podcast also provides listeners with a fine opportunity to admire my neolithic audio-editing skills and the many ways in which it is possible to massacre the English language. You can download or listen to the guide below. Likewise, you can subscribe to my feed on Soundcloud. (Oh, yes. There will be others. Eventually. We hope.)

Have fun at the museum. Steichen is up through May 3.


A lot of martinis were harmed in the making of this Pot-Cast.


  1. Yvonne Connasse

    I beg your pardon, I have NEVER abused a martini in my life! (Mis-used a few, possibly, but abused? Hmmph.)

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