Own El Schnabel’s pajamas.

Ay, qué macho

There are times I worry that we could one day run out of art industry ridiculosity to write about. And then I read my e-mail. Waiting for me in my inbox this evening was a forwarded missive from the Dumbo Arts Center advertising an e-Bay auction fundraiser. Up for bid? Julian Schnabel’s jailhouse-style PJs from a 1995 shoot with Annie Leibovitz:

The dark blue, yellow-striped pajamas are a laundered, paint-splattered, lovingly mended and patched two-piece collectible, signed by the artist. As if that weren’t enough, the winning bidder will receive Annie Leibovitz’s famous 16” x 20” portrait (Archival Pigment print, 1995, signed and dated) featuring Mr. Schnabel wearing the same PJs.

If owning the garment that once encased El Schnabel’s schvitzy, bear-like physique isn’t incentive to spend $2,000, then I don’t know what is. But shit, they’re also “lovingly mended” and “signed by the artist” which makes me think that plunking your good money down on this ensemble is a better investment than gold.

You’ve got ’til next Saturday to bid. Get on it.


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