C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: Stikman edition.

Stikmen make you happy. (Crappy photo by C-M.)

Through a trusted intermediary (my Stikman dealer), I’ve managed to secure three mini-Stikmen (each roughly 1.5 inches tall) for a giveway on da blog! The pieces are pocket-sized wood cut-outs produced by the notoriously reclusive street artist, who I understand lives somewhere in the vicinity of the Eastern seaboard.

Leave a comment below, with a valid e-mail, to sign up and these cute little guys could be yours for desk decoration or street enhancement. The giveaway is open to all. The winner will be announced next Monday.


  1. Todd

    Oh, yes, please! There’s a little girl I know who loves to spot these on the street and would be very happy to have one of her own.

  2. Brian

    Great seeing Stikman stuff around town, the g/f really loves the recent pastes of neon stikmen on sheet music, I like the small stick people and street sculptures myself. Wouldn’t mind adding any of his stuff to our apartment.

  3. leee

    stikman’s like 70 yrs old or 40 or something. comes from the mid-’lantic. sticks it down with the tar and shit.

    all right, lemme get at one o those.

  4. tina

    I want it, I want it I want it… OOOOH, please let me have one! I am sure, you want one of these travel abroad to the far-away country Austria. There is a twon called Vienna, where this litte Stikman could live happily further on. And if he does not die, he will live forever and forever and forever and forever… All the best from Stikwoman (or Superwoman, I can´t remember ;-)

  5. Martyn

    I think those babies need to go traveling, that little red one could do with a holiday for sure, a trip to the Norwegian Fjords in an envelope, we’ll take him skiing !

  6. richard

    I think that Stickman was the best tourist ever to visit Washington DC last summer. They made me smile as I wandered around town.

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