Taking the pulse at Pulse New York.

Detail of an installation by Curtis Mann at Kussenneers Gallery from Antwerp, at Pulse New York. (Photos by C-M.)

If I had to pick one word to described Pulse, it would be “shiny.” That’s probably because I can’t get the visual of Kristian Kozul’s bedazzled mechanical bull out of my head – swinging around the café area like a giant designer handbag. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of non-blingy (and highly interesting) stuff to ogle, from Curtis Mann’s bleached-out pictures at Kussenneers, to Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova clever porn parody shots at SPACE, to the serene black-and-whites of Sarah McKenzie Beth Dow at Jen Bekman to the installation of pictures and video by Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation at Edward Winkleman. (While at Winkleman, don’t miss Joy Garnett’s apocalyptic landscape paintings, hanging on the outside wall.) There’s an eyeful to see and plenty to buy — including, hilariously, a booth shilling condos by I.M. Pei.

The fair is up through 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Click on images to supersize. Lots of photos after the jump.

Curtis Mann, the wide view.

A painting by Joyce Garnett at Edward Winkleman Gallery.

Like a Latino baby shower gone crazy. Vadis Turner, at NYC’s Lyons Weir Ortt.

Kristian Kozul’s Mechanical Bull, courtesy of TZR Galerie. What I’d give to saddle up and ride!

Coulda used more ‘gator and less puerile pee-pee jokes: Clifton Childree’s Miamuh Swamp Thing at Galerie Ernst Hilger.

Parodying porn: Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova at SPACE Gallery, from Bratislava. Do not miss.

Isidro Blasco at NYC’s Black & White Gallery.

Look closely, those are clay figures in the picture. Karine Giboulo at Galerie [sas] from Montreal.

Amelia Biewald at Magnan Projects.

An LED display by Jim Campbell at Bryce Wolkowitz

Sarah McKenzie Beth Dow, from the series Fieldwork, at Jen Bekman Gallery.

An image from a project by Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation at Winkleman Gallery. The piece is a tabletop installation of polaroids and video that, together, represent the work process for Sussman’s next film.

In the middle of the fair: a booth promulgating condos designed by I.M. Pei.

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  1. Will Cary

    I think that’s actually Beth Dow from Jen Bekman, not Sarah McKenzie, but I could be wrong. Either way, you’re forgiven since you posted so many great photos today and because it’s Friday afternoon….