Volta NY: Marilyn Manson meets tacos meets Dr. Seuss.

Fly away: Detail of a photograph by Rina Castelnuovo at the Andrea Meisler Gallery at Volta. (Photos by C-M.)

It’s Friday and I have an imminent appointment to go get my drink on. So, without much commentary, and further ado, are photos from Volta NY, where there were wonderful photos by Rina Castelnuovo, fascinating videos by Regina Jose Galindo and some creeped-out paintings by Marilyn Manson — not to mention one seriously bizarre-looking hammock. Sadly, this year, there was no pop tart of evil.

The show is up through 9 p.m. on Sunday

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If Dr. Seuss designed hammocks: A piece by Maria Nepumoceno at A Gentil Carioca, a gallery from Rio de Janeiro. I gotta say, I woulda happily paid ten bucks to lay in that thing after a very long day of hitting art fairs.

All manner of kibbles and bits were on display in Erika Eyres’ drawings at the Rokeby Gallery’s space.

Detail from an installation by David Kramer at Aeroplastics, from Brussels. Reminds me of my recent trip through the Florida panhandle.

Bed and car in one: Joshua Gallaghan at Haas & Fischer, from Zurich.

Inspiring the youth of America: Marilyn Manson, artiste, who seems to be taking a page from Marlene Dumas.

More weirdness: Detail of a work by Christian Curiel at Baumet Sultana, of Paris.

Keepin’ it not real: Shen Jingdong at ChinaSquare.

An installation of carboard on a white wall by Igor Eskinja at Federico Luger, from Milan.

Regina Jose Galindo had a whole installation (video, photographs, etc.) dealing with detention and incarceration. The videos, in particular, were enthralling. Do not miss.

Gosha Ostretov at London’s Paradise Row.

Thank you, thank you very much. Detail of an installation by Mariusz Tarkawian at Program Gallery, from Warsaw.

Words to live by. Alejandro Diaz at the Happy Lion, from Los Angeles.

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