Imagined Artist Vacations: Christopher K. Ho at Pulse.

& Leisure, Christopher K. Ho’s project for the artiste with wanderlust. (Photos by C-M.)

When I’m not not making a living as a blogger, I spend a fair amount of time doing travel writing (a genre that is as sublimely ridiculous as arts writing). Which is why Christopher K. Ho’s travel-related project at the booth manned by Mexico City’s EDS Galería, at the Pulse NY art fair, caught my eye. In it, Ho’s fictional travel consultancy, & Leisure, plans vacation itineraries for well-known artists. Suggested trip for Barbara Kruger: a shopping excursion in Dubai. Olafur Eliasson gets blasted off into space for a zero-gravity flight experience. And the naughty Santiago Sierra is dispatched off to Rome for a session with the Pope.

You can view the entire project at the Winkleman Gallery, where it initially debuted in 2007. (Boy, am I timely, or what?) Better yet, scroll down for a few of my pix from Ho’s installation at Pulse.

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Daniel Martinez is assigned a tour of Presidential libraries.

Rirkrit Tiravanija gets a foodie tour of France.

Barbara Kruger’s shopping tour of Dubai.

For Pierre Huyghe: a voyage on the QM2 around the world.

Grab the Holy Water: Santiago Sierra’s itinerary for a meeting with the Pope.

Olafur Eliasson’s heavenly blast.

The fine print.


  1. Andrew

    Yes! This was wonderful. According to Ms. Soto, Ho had actually interviewed some of the artists to generate ideas. I’m not sure if that makes them less or more fun.

  2. jasonlujan

    so basically just writing a generic travel itinerary and then slapping a famous artist’s name on makes it artworld relevant?
    next up: my imagined c-monster vacation!