Needed: $1. To do something ridiculous on Rhizome’s pixel wall.

With your money, I’m sure I could help Rhizome’s $50,000 webpage look infinitely better.

Rhizome, the online digital arts non-profit affiliated with the New Museum, is having a fundraiser/”art collaboration” that I am determined to collaborate with. The deal is that you can buy some pixels on the webpage (see above), which will then be presented at some benefit in May. Of course, it’s expensive. Which is why I’m seeking your help. If I try to buy a space on my own, it’s gonna have to be 10 square pixels. But, with your help, I could do something truly splendiferous — something about the size of a postage stamp. All I’m looking for is $1. If you want to give $2, I won’t say no. All I know is that if several hundred of us come together and use our powers for evil, instead of good, something mildly entertaining may come of it. 

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