The Day in Bamboo Snake Creatures: Huang Yong Ping at Barbara Gladstone in NYC.

The coiled ramp known as Tower Snake, by Huang Yong Ping at Barbara Gladstone. (Photos by C-M.)

Take Universal’s Islands of Adventure and mix in some of those bamboo cage scenes from Michael Cimino’s Deer Hunter and you’ve got Huang Yong Ping’s thrilling new ride installation at Barbara Gladstone, Tower Snake. Hardy visitors enter through the snake’s butt, climb a spiraling bamboo ramp, to the snake’s mouth, and then turn around and head back, fully digested. I gotta confess, the piece, if you walk through it, gives you all the right kind of heebie jeebies, mainly from the loud creaking of the bamboo pieces underfoot. 

Tower Snake is up through July 31.

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Round and round she goes…

…through the digestive system…

…and out the mouth.


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