Lima, Day 10: Narchitecture, pre-Columbian style.

Has to be seen to be believed. (Photos by C-M.)

Inca-style stone detailing, a tumi-shaped whatchamahoozit and a head- scratching roof thingie that appears to fuse Moche iconography with a Paracas color palette. In other words, the type of warrior architecture that would do a wannabe drug lord right.

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Almost as good as Italianate balustrades: a spiked metal fence.


  1. Paige

    Maybe they ripped off the interior decor of an Inka Grill restaurant, perhaps after a major earthquake, then just superglued it all over their house?

  2. Howie

    I miss all the great Peruvian food in LA! You need to hook me up with places in NYC when you get back. I love that spicy green gunky sauce and one place in LA had an orange habanero pepper sauce for dipping crusty bread.

    Your trip has been awesome so far you lucky ducky!

  3. c-monster

    @san suzie: you would never land your helicopter on the roof. you’d land it on your faux adobe pyramid out back. i mean, really.