Photos: Dominican artists Quintapata at the Centro Cultural de España in Lima.

Boobies!!! A whole wall of them. The piece is titled Muro, 2009 by Raquel Paiewonsky. (Photos by C-M.)

While my mission on this trip to Lima has been to eat and to eat again, I have managed to sneak in a few visits to art galleries between degustaciones. The best show thus far has been an exhibit of contemporary Dominican art that I happened to catch at the Centro Cultural de España on the Plaza Washington, near downtown. The show, Mover la roca (Move the Rock), features new works by the D.R. arts collective Quintapata, whose members are Tony Capellán, Pascal Meccariello, Raquel Paiewonsky, Jorge Pineda and Belkis Ramírez. Overall, a highly interesting show. And way better than the couch art I’ve been admiring at many of the city’s commercial art galleries.

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A close-up on Paiewonksy’s ta-tas.

Reconstruyéndonos II, 2009 by Belkis Ramírez.

A sculpture by Tony Capellán made with curlers found on Dominican beaches. Ilusión (Sartas para turistas), 2009.

Metamorfosis, 2009 by Belkis Ramírez.

Detail of Jorge Pineda’s Taxonomía, 2009. Red ballpoint pen on paper.

Taxonomía, 2009 by Jorge Pineda.

Another detail from Pineda’s piece.

Urnas para pequeños superhéroes (Urns for Small Superheroes), 2009 by Pascal Meccariello.

Another found-object piece by Tony Capella. Mar invadido (After Tony Cragg), 2009, a room full of bottles of different shades of blue found on Dominican beaches. (As a reference, here are one and two images of Cragg’s plastic pieces.)

Another view of Capella’s installation, Mar Invadido (Invaded Sea).


  1. Horacio

    I´m glad you like my country that much. Just one thing: the word is “degustaciones”, not “deSgustaciones”.

  2. Caro

    Wow, cool stuff. I know Tony & Raquel & Belkys’ works, they all have well-established careers as individual artists. Very interesting to see how they are working in a collective like a lot of the younguns. Tony in particular has done some incredibly moving found-object work from material collected at the beach.

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  5. katherine

    excellent work!!!! Tony Capellan i went to the RISD museum and i love your art work” Mar Caribe ” i even choose it to write my final paper from my art class. while researching about Mar Caribe i saw couple of your other work and i really like it, thumps up!!! Tony you make me feel proud of being Dominican.Hope you keep making great work. good luck.