The Digest. 06.22.09.

Sin Título (Untitled), 1971 an oil-on-canvas work by the Arequipa-born Bill Caro at the Lima Art Museum (MALI) exhibit at the Fundación Wiese gallery in downtown Lima. (Photo by C-M.)

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  1. Caro

    I LOVE the LV house.

    But really I was fascinated by the Dyer-Schjeldahl smackdown. Jeff/Death is so far my favorite book this summer (and for once I’ve read more than one). I <3 Dyer to pieces, and Schjeldahl’s comment comes off weird — I wasn’t sure if he was playfully taking on the Jeff Atman character as “real” the way that Dyer wants you to in some ways confuse Jeff/Geoff, or if he was being pissy at having his calling/profession (artcrit) mercilessly being made fun of.

    Gotta love polemics.

  2. ries

    Robert Indiana owns ELEVEN stuffed Giraffes! And not Beanie Babies, either- real giraffes.

    Matthew Barney, eat your shark out.

  3. c-monster

    @caro: i wouldn’t for a minute assume that that’s really schjeldahl posting on dyer’s page. regardless of who did it, it makes for wonderful drama…

    @ries: dang! i need some stuffed somethings. a llama perhaps?

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