Egyptian mummy at the Brooklyn Museum: Dude looks like a lady.

Mummy scan. (Photo by Adam Husted. Image courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.)

Because I’m a serious geek, I spent much of yesterday morning riveted by the Brooklyn Museum’s Twitter feed. Various members of the museum’s staff had taken a batch of mummies to North Shore University Hospital on Long Island for CT scans to check out their innards. Turns out the 2,000-year-old “Lady Hor,” above, was no lady. She was a dude. And from the looks of the scan above, she was swinging some serious pipe.

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  1. merysankh

    Something ain’t kosher here. Traditional Egyptians circumcised their boys during pre-pubescence. Hor clearly wasn’t. He also isn’t nearly shriveled enough for 2,500 years of inaction, no matter how much of a Hor we was in life. If I thought they had a sense of humor I’d think the curators were trying to put one over on us.