Sweet and Sticky: Marilyn Minter and MAC.

Lick it real good: a work in progress at Minter’s NYC studio. (Photos by C-M.)

It’s summer in the city and the social calendar here at C-Mon is packed! Last night, we managed to be the most unfashionable person in the room at a little soiree held at Marilyn Minter‘s studio to celebrate her upcoming artist ad campaign with MAC Cosmetics. Events were also held at the studios of painter Richard Phillips and illustrator Maira Kalman, who are also doing campaigns for the company. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to those because the driver (aka, husband) was waiting to escort me off to a multi-course wine-laden dinner (assorted bread and cheese products, lubricated by invigorating quantities of Two Buck Chuck).

Even so, being able to freely roam around Minter’s studio was pretty badass. And so was ogling the Adonis-like waiters in pec-hugging T-shirts dishing out pink lemonade and ice cream. Though next time, dear MAC people, I sure could use a gift bag — with a little liquid liner in black.

Click on images to supersize, waiters after the jump.

Delicious colors.

But not as delicious as this: ice cream, with colored sprinkly things…

…served up by buff waiters in tight tees bearing the image of Minter’s upcoming MAC ad campaign. Hubba, hubba.

Minter’s studio had a lounge area that was equipped with good couches, lotsa art books, a TV (dispensing MAC marketing, of course), vag art, a Jeff Koons ceramic dog and a killer Sigmar Polke piece (off camera, behind the plant — sorry, I couldn’t get a clear shot). This is a spot I could seriously hang out in.

Notes to self.

Party people.

The artiste’s snazzy silver sandals.