Hype-tastic: Banksy versus Bristol Museum.

Let the one-liners begin. (All photos by *fab*.)

Because we can never resist any event drenched in gobs of hype, we arranged for our Flickr bud *fab* (who endured one veeeeerrrry long line) to bring you an extensive photo essay of Banksy’s show at England’s Bristol Museum — an assemblage of visual one-liners so exhaustive, it puts Richard Prince to shame.

The show is up through Aug. 31.

Click on images to supersize.

Let’s start with the one of the most interesting parts of the exhibit: the line. Here it is…at 10:45 a.m. on a Monday morning.

The second part of the line was divided into five separate rows to enter.

To progress from the second part of the line, to the third part of the the line, you had to get your hand stamped. And agree to give Banksy your first-born.

1:30 p.m.: Finally at the front door!

Tweety, growing old, in the Unnatural History section.

Oh, I get it: the line. Ok. Next.

Nice sweater: A recreation of Banksy’s studio.

Disclaimer: The museum does not condone illegal activity. But it is happy to generate all kinds of buzz off an artist (it allegedly hasn’t met) who is known for creating illegal works.

The wall labels read “local artist.”

Because no prankster exhibit is complete without a knock-off of Michelangelo’s David. Woulda been ideal if it’d had a Mona Lisa, a Last Supper and a Persistence of Memory right behind it.

On sale.


The finest piece in the show.

Admiring the “art.”

Would look just smashing over the couch.

This smoke break has been brought to you by Kool cigarettes.

Even better with 3-D glasses.

“A system error has occurred.”

Naughty rock formations.

I think I saw this in a Kenneth Anger film once.

From the private collection of the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach.

Ringmaster tartare.

I prefer honey mustard.

Graffiti playland.


  1. jasonlujan

    i saw these flickr photos a day or so ago and i’ve always liked banksy. but this show seems more one-liner-y (real word?) than usual, like bansky has been taking notes from shepard fairey or something. now it’s just unrelated juxtaposition whereas earlier there was a connection between elements and commentary. *shrug*

  2. Kat

    Banksy is so freaking genius. But an organized show almost defeats the point of his work….it’s like I have to pretend he’s still pissing the museum off, otherwise it’s no fun. Like if a president paid a crowd to protest him, the protest becomes bunk. They’re working for the president.

  3. marshall

    I don’t think I want to be in on the joke, but the gag isn’t bad. Is Banksy all Schtick? Or is he just the Emperor of Bro? Or is he the last artist who’s still dreaming? I just can’t tell anymore.

    That painting of a Burka-clad woman in a “hot chick” novelty apron is fucking hilarious, though. But I’d like Banksy more if he showed it where it mattered.

  4. eugenio

    I read the previous comments, but i still believe the show is pretty amazing. The museum literally gave him an open ticket to go crazy, that takes some balls.

  5. Jena

    “The museum literally gave him an open ticket to go crazy . . . ” but he didn’t. He basically decorated someone else’s artwork and made lame attempts to “think outside the box” with his faux extensions of paintings (like the alien spaceships and the waterfall piece) that only took us a few inches off the canvas. He could have rearranged the works thereby changing their context, extended them into each other to create truly interesting re-interpretations, gone crazy on a wall and incorporated existing pieces into an installation, but he just played around like some dude hanging goofy art in his man-cave.

  6. DuaneLinklater

    all reworked ideas he’s been
    reusing for the last while, I
    did admire his stencils years ago
    but it’s the samo samo…(lol)
    time for a change banks or yer