The Digest. 08.14.09.

At the Harvard Graduate School of Design. (Photo by Hargo.)


  1. ries

    While I firmly believe you are a Goddess of Taste, and faithfully read your opinions daily, and plan on a trip to Lima soon to eat my weight in Causa’s, you are wrong about Style it Takes.
    The entire Songs for Drella Album is an underrated masterpiece, and it, along with ol pajama man’s Basquiat movie, are some of the purest insights into Warhol.
    I admit, John Cale is a bit of an acquired taste- but he is NOT god awful.
    Perhaps you would prefer his version of “Pablo Picasso”-
    It rocks a bit more…

  2. c-monster

    Didn’t mean to imply that Cale was god awful (I’ve linked to Pablo Picasso before), nor all of ‘Songs for Drella,’ which can be humorous and poignant. Just that ‘Style It Takes’ grates me… along with a coupla other songs on that album which feel just a bit too hagiographic for my taste … though i will admit that to say that it was god awful was a vast overstatement…

    On an unrelated note, going to Lima to eat your weight in causas is a highly commendable goal.