C-Mon ain’t feeling so good.

Sick. (Image courtesy of cutglassdecanter.)

Hey Folks:

C-Mon ain’t doing so hot – technologically speaking. Basically, I’m going to have to migrate the Monster to another host to avoid further glitches. For those of you who don’t know much about technology, it means I’m gonna have to box everything up and move it to a nice new home in the suburbs.

Most of this will be done over the weekend and y’all should barely notice a hair out of place when you come back to my little internet opium den. However, in the event that the moving truck broke down or the new neighbors aren’t all that nice…. well, now you know.

My savvy web surgeon, the unflappable Doctor Rahul, should have everything ironed out by early next week. When I will resume bounteous beginning-of-arts-season posting. (Right now, expect just one more Calendar and one more Digest, because I don’t want to be adding too much stuff to this fragile house of cards…)

Thanks for your patience and your continued support!!



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