End of summer at PS1 in NYC.

Right outta Star Wars: Afterparty by MOS at PS1 in Queens. (Photos by C-M.)

An architectural installation that appears to have been upholstered with the fur of a thousand Wookies. A tiny video of a screaming lady embedded into the wood floor. A swimming pool that is both full of water and totally empty. Plus: elevators armed with LEDs and rooms carpeted with vinyl records. If you were looking for some astonishingly stonnerrific art with which to cap off your summer, then make a beeline for PS1, in Long Island City, where you can put the strawberry cough to excellent use.

You’ve got a week to blaze and gaze, since some of the pieces will be taken down after Sept. 28.

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The approach: The chimneys from MOS‘s Afterparty peek over the ledge of PS1′s ubercontemporary concrete wall.

A light-weight aluminum frame supports a palm-fiber thatch from Indonesia. It looks heavy and oppressive, but it’s not. The open tops of the “chimneys” keep the air circulating; the material underneath has a metallic sheen, which gives the underbelly of the installation a light, almost futuristic, shimmer.

The giant Wookie-creature observes the Citigroup tower in the background.

In the courtyard.

Gazing skywards through one of the chimneys.

Inside the museum…The view from above Leandro Erlich’s Swimming Pool: a couple of people examine the piece from underneath.

The view from below.

Christian Marclay’s 2,822 Records.

I love art you can walk on.

Of course, no music-related installation is complete without a little Blancmange.

One of the trippiest pieces at PS1: Pipilotti Rist’s Selbstlos im Lavabad (Selfless in the Bath of Lava), from 1994, a tiny (and I mean tiny) video embedded into a crack in the wood floor near the entrance that shows a woman babbling away from an underworld just underfoot. It’s a double-whoa kinda piece. On the top left of the photo is the tip of my sneaker, for scale.

Flag, by Leo Villarreal, in the elevator.

Final view of MOS’s creature – seen from the museum – with 5 Pointz in the back.

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