Theoretically: TEOR/eTica, a new contemporary arts space in San Jose, Costa Rica.

A detail from Colmena, 2005, an installation by Baltazar Torres. (Photos by C-M.)

For a lot of folks, Costa Rica is synonymous with zip lines and monkeys and lots of eco-marketing. But the capital of San Jose has a lively cultural scene as well. Today I stumbled right smack into a wonderful new arts space and museum called TEOR/eTica — which showcases works from the collection of the TEOR/eTica foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting Central and Latin American artists. Their permanent collection is small, consisting of only a few hundred works. But what I saw of it was compelling. I got lost in Baltazar Torres’s installation, Colmena, shown above (and after the jump). Though that may be because I enjoyed looking at myself in all the little mirrors…

Afterward, I also got lost in a gigantor hunk of super-fresh cheesecake with stewed strawberries at the awesome new bistro/cafe Kalu, located right across the street. A work of art, indeed.

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The wide view of Torres’s installation Colmena.

Another detail.

” “, 2006, by Jose David Herrera.

Vasito MacDonald’s, 2000, a McDonald’s cup covered in gold leaf and paint, by Dario Escobar.

Sin Titulo, 1999 by Carlos Capelan.

Detail of Sin Titulo.

New World Disorder, 2002-03, by Raul Quintanilla.

Nao Ler #7, 2006, by Fernand Fragateira.

The space: a picture by Priscilla Monge hangs in the back.

Hotel America, una historia en blanco y negro, 1995, by Joaquin R. del Paso.

In the foreground: Confundida by Patricia Belli, 2001. In the back: Vida a espaldas, 1996 by Irene Torrebiarte.

Detail from: Sentencias de muerte, 1994, by Priscilla Monge.

Acta de canje, 2008 by Manuela Ribadeneira.

My cheesecake, with stewed strawberries and balsamic. Not too sweet, nice and airy. Kick ass.


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