My day in Latin American weirdness.

Here’s how my day began yesterday: ran into these guys in the National Park in San Jose filming an anti-Oscar Arias skit. (That’d be Oscar Arias as in the Nobel Laureate and President of Costa Rica.)

Later the same day, I ran into the real Oscar Arias at an event with the mayor of Beijing to mark the establishment of a Chinatown in San Jose. (Arias is the jowly one in the tan jacket.) And since that wasn’t surreal enough…

…this international diplomatic ceremony — attended by two mayors and one president — got rolling with this stunning rendition of the Star Wars Death Star theme Imperial March by a local high school marching band. Awesome.


  1. Brian

    C-Mon, you are continually finding new discoveries in awesomeness. Thank you for this.

    (and it’s formally called “The Imperial March” btw. Not that I want to be confused with Star Wars Guy, of course.)

  2. Eric

    Im’ costarican and extremly proud of it. Ain’t this great. Good street art particularly the one on the bridge near Hospital Calderon Guardia. Where else can you get near the president with a and two mayors and listen to the the best soundtrack of star wars? I guess it was not apropiate for the situation but no one seem to care …Ja ja.. Not even “Tico” news covering the event. Probably they didn’t screen star wars in China.
    Congratulations on your page. Its wonderful. Once you visit Costa Rica you”ll know what I mean