Miami: Where Art Sweats.

Miami: Where Art Sweats. See it large.

Let the Basel Frazzle begin…

This poster is a collaboration between the supertalented wearygunfighter & Interested in owning a copy? Visit the OMNI Board of Tourism booth inside the marketplace at Scope Miami. Proceeds go to support The Omni Bot, a non-profit organization supporting business development in underprivileged neighborhoods. Cost: a mere $5. (Plus: Omni’s having a pop-up party on Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 8 p.m. (with beer!) Get the deets here.)

Giveaway Extravaganza: Leave a comment below and you could win your very own Miami: Where Art Sweats poster — the official poster of the C-Mon Basel Frazzle.


  1. Mike Riggs

    Look, as a native Floridian who now lives in D.C. but loves-hates-misses-doesn’t miss Miami, I don’t mind paying for one of these posters. So, assuming I don’t win, where’s the PayPal link?

    ME WANT!

  2. marshall

    Oooh! Contest! Enter me right up!

    I was gonna go to Miami this year, but my Delorean is in the shop. Someone huff up a mountain of Bolivian marching powder and put back some straight rum in my absence, please.

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