The Digest. 12.14.09. The bitch is back edition.

Narita Airport, 2009, by Anthony Smith. (Image courtesy of Anthony Smith.)

Before I get down to business…I just wanted to once again thank all the folks who came out to Art Burn 2009 in Miami, as well as our sponsors: LAS TIAS (who provided the prime real estate across from the Rubell Collection), Hyperallergic, Two Coats of Paint, Brooklyn Street Art and Rosa Lowinger & Associates Art Conservation. Also many thanks to the folks who teased and/or covered the event: Paper Magazine, the Miami New Times, Art Observed, World’s Best Ever, The Art Newspaper [which mentioned it in one (on p. 15) and two (p. 11) stories!!], ArtNet, which supported us through Tweets and coverage (including two items here and here), the Miami Herald (which plugged it as “a funky Basel sideshow”) and William Powhida, who brought the New York Times in tow. (Though, for the record NYT dude: those weren’t “failed” canvases. Sheesh.) And, lastly, a very kind thanks to our buddy Hargo, who took one of the best photos of the entire event. Muchas gracias y’all! xox, C.


  1. SanSuzie

    Love the link to the piece on starchitect-designed megamuseums going bust. Isn’t the idea to showcase the art? Miami Art Museum, hope you’re listening….

  2. marshall

    Vidalia – I’m not so sure that the Asian Danger Dog is influenced by the Mexican one, it may be a case of parallel evolution. I’m actually trying to research this, but I’m not finding any evidence of either a linkage or of non-linkage.

    Regardless, it’s obvious that the world’s great food cultures know something that America sorely needs to learn about gustatory pleasures.

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