And now…a word for our sponsors.

xoxox in Berlin. (Photo by kriskong.)

I wanted to begin the year by giving a shout-out and thank you to the awesome dudes at Culture Pundits and the sponsors that regularly inhabit the space you see on the upper right hand corner of this blog. I’m part of a network of arts and cultural blogs (which includes long-time online buds like Eyeteeth, Bloggy and Hrag Vartanian, as well as newcomers such as The Rumpus and Hilobrow — among many others) that are supported by the galleries, museums and companies that rotate through this sponsorship space (such as the Brooklyn Museum, SyFy, TekServe and the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, to name a few). To be clear, I’m not getting rich off this. But it does help me cover expenses like server fees and other Internet miscellany. So, if you want to support bloggas like me — and get the word out about your exhibit/product/show — get in touch with Culture Pundits (you can do that here) and they can set you up.

Thanks to all the folks who read C-Mon and the fellow bloggas who are kind enough to link to our ridiculous antics. I really appreciate it.

Happy 2010! May the ridiculosity be with you.


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