The Digest. 01.06.10.

Vapor Cloud, by Mitch Dobrowner, from the upcoming exhibit Tropospheres, opening Saturday in Los Angeles. (Image courtesy of Kopeikin Gallery.)


  1. marshall

    This James Franco GH thing has gone to far, it’s bending my mind. And teh fact that Deitch is involved is like a shark on a motorcycle jumping over a shark tank.

  2. Joanne Mattera

    You’ve outdone yourself with the quote of the day.
    Big ups to you, C, for the best survey of popular culture anywhere, to say nothing of the sublime ridiculosity with which you do it.

  3. ries

    I dont know- the other quote in that article-

    ‘If you ever need money, call this man.’

    taped to the back of a duchamp drawing,

    is pretty good too…