The Digest. 01.08.10.

Tastes Like Gold, by the Seventh Letter Crew in Los Angeles. (Photo by Vidalia.)

If you do only one thing today, watch Marie Lorenz’s video, Capsize, over at It’s opening as part of a solo exhibit tonight at Jack Hanley in NYC. Fucking amazing.



    don’t forget the free house. He gets to stay in the Getty Director’s House for another year.

    I smell a Google Mapping Project coming on.

  2. marshall

    I got a PR Email about that Lady Gaga as creative director for Polaroid, but I still can’t quite believe that it’s real, even though I’ve seen it all over the web.

    Oh, and I’d love to fight to the death in that Chanel O-yori. Preferably in a battle against an opponent clad in a contrasting Takashi Murakami print Louis Vuitton armour.

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