Photo Diary: Primary Atmospheres at David Zwirner in NYC.

And, not in the show, but worth exploring nonetheless…

…the curator’s fuzzy shoes. They matched his beard.

In all seriousness, though… this is a wonderful show, devoted to works produced by minimalist artists in California in the ’60s and ’70s. How’s it different from East Coast minimalism? Less metal. More plastic. Lots of ethereal materials. Lines that dissolve into nothing. (Interesting fact: I learned that Peter Alexander’s Green Wedge, several photos up, was inspired by a translucent hunk of surfboard wax.) The show is up at Zwirner through Feb. 6. Do not miss.  And if you don’t believe me, check out Peter Schjeldahl’s review in the New Yorker. (All photos by C-M.)


  1. marshall

    Lots of related/identical pieces on display in MOCA’s current show, and there’s a re-staging of the CalArt’s “The Last Plastics Show” up in LA at the moment? Is plastic & light making a huge comeback or something?

  2. c-monster

    the curator mentioned in his talk that MoCA was showing a number of related works… i guess plastic is indeed fantastic…

  3. Marshall

    Yeah, off the top of my head, MOCA is showing a “double top” version of the Dewain Valentine piece at top, at least one Kaufman “lozenge sombrero”, a couple of near-identical Irwin pieces, a “blue light” Wheeler room and another edition of McCraken’s Red Plank.

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