The Digest. 02.08.10. Super Ranty Edition.

Boans, aka Booker, in NYC. (Photo by Jake Dobkin.)

  • Who Owns What in art history. (@tabgirl.)
  • Late addition: The NYT profiles Eli Broad, “a billionaire philanthropist whose beneficence comes with not just strings but with ropes that could moor an ocean liner.” (@KnightLAT.)
  • I love it when Jerry Saltz gets RANTY. Dude needs a YouTube channel, stat. A few points I take issue with in this writing-about-art tirade:
    • One, there already are online art mags out there (see Triple Canopy, Idiom).
    • Two, there’s an implicit assumption that art magazines offer a writer editing. C’mon dude, one word: ArtForum. If that stuff is “edited,” I don’t want to see what it looked like before it went in. Most unedited bloggers I read produce better copy than that. Besides, good editors are hard to come by in any media.
    • Three, dude has got to get over the anonymous trolls. They’ve always been around, it’s just that the Internet makes their trolling more public. I’ve worked at news dailies and weeklies where we’ve gotten vicious, crazy shit via every imaginable means — letters, packages, e-mails, not to mention psychotic phone calls. My advice: Let. It. Go. By getting enraged about this, you’re egging those freaks on.
    • Lastly, because I have to add my two cents: I think everyone in the art industry — especially writers — should be obligated to hold at least one job outside of it at all times (like long-haul trucker), ‘cuz there’s something to be said about having experience in the big wide world and not just in cement boxes full of objects. (In the interest of transparency: My name is Carolina A. Miranda and I approved this post.)
  • In a related story: the atomic drops are flying in ¡The John Yau versus Jerry Saltz Art Critic Smackdown! Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuumble!!!!
  • And because it’s All-Jerry-All-The-Time here on C-Mon: Some websquatter is trying to send the The Great Saltzino a message.
  • Whew. Onto other things: Japanther is debuting a book in collaboration with Dan Graham.
  • Jeff Koons is hiring. (@16miles)
  • SFMOMA has raised $250 million for its new wing. (Arts Journal.)
  • 17 museum admissions tags from around the world. (@musueumnerd.)
  • Have been enjoying Man Bartlett’s 1stfans Twitter feed for the Brooklyn Museum. And yes, you have to be a museum member to read them. (It’s $20 a year, the price of about 5 cappuccinos. And no, I don’t want to hear any belly-aching about it.)
  • Shit I Wish I’d Made Up: The Marina Abramovic Energy Blanket, only $460.
  • Artspeak, “a grey porridge of abstract nouns.”
  • Silvio Berlusconi made of sand.
  • A Q&A with Shaquille O’Neal, curator. My favorite line: “I”m working with the greatest artist in the world, Peter Max.” (@ARTnewsmag.)
  • TwitPics from space. (@simondumenco.)
  • A blog called Studies in Crap. (Out There.)
  • One in four Americans is employed to protect the rich. (The Rumpus.)
  • When fine art plagiarizes fine photography.
  • Graffiti New York, one man’s three-decade chronicle of graffiti in the NYT. Funny line: “Some European aficionados arrive and immediately start asking how they can paint the side of a train. (Mr. Felisbret says some also think that teenagers rule the city and all graffiti writers are break dancers.)” See the slideshow.
  • Today’s Street Art: The tree shadows of Pablo Sánchez Herrero in Salamanca.
  • Madonna, aging pop star/green architecture patron.
  • Chocolate anus. Seriously.