I never understood Matthew Barney…

…until I watched this.


On a totally unrelated note: The New York Observer has a story about Jerry Saltz’s Facebook page. I gotta admit,  that as much as I relish El Saltzino’s ranting in the same trashy way I love domestic beer and a good diving elbow drop, it’s kinda weird that this story didn’t include a single critical reaction — or reactions from people mentioned in the story (um, like Klaus Biesenbach or Tyler Green). And it doesn’t even mention John Yau. A real missed opportunity for some interesting reading.


  1. zipthwung

    taking the piss at mathew barney is like making fun of ballet – you can, and it is funny, but its a very slippery slope to making fun of everyone who lives inside the whale, which is a metaphor for society, naturally, as we live in a Judeo-christian cosmology. matthew barney is weirdly fascinated by mormonism though, like a hipster watching infomercials late at night, he just gets it. It would be kind of funny to picture him with many wives and a compound instead of a rockstar trophy wife and a house upstate or did he sell that? Anyways, im not knocking it, I just think we need more actual unselfconscious, “outsider” freaks instead of people who are willing to put gear up their junk to make a name for themselves. Not that I’d want to hang out with un-self aware freaks or “the masses,” i have my own problems, but didn’t the art world use to welcome freaks instead of berating them for not putting a red dot in the lower corner so that when they are upside-down and backwards the red dot will appear on the upper right? Today we have way more advanced skills tests to root out the imposters, but it was pretty good until they got the Nexus-2 models with their weird skin you couldn’t tell until you got right up on them.

    Which is why I think we need to help Zachary Adam Cohen with his slides, as he is about as stealthy as an elephant in clogs as far as the PR thing goes. Memo to zach: PR in he art world is more than posting possitive comments on blogs about how much you like stuff. Read October Magazine and you will see what real PR is and should be. Thank me later.

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