Don’t know if it’s art? The ‘Is This Art’ iPhone app will tell you.

Finally, the iPhone app you needed and wanted.

We’ve all been there: you’re looking at a stack of wood that’s been covered in dust bunnies, dipped in resin and topped with decaying vanilla cakes covered in strawberry frosting. Is it art? Good question. It could be. Or it could simply be junk. These days, it’s hard to tell what separates art from everything all around us.

Which is why the good folks at the Mattress Factory (the contemporary arts center) and Deeplocal (a new media development and marketing company) in Pittsburgh have developed this must-have tool for the contemporary art aficionado: an iPhone application that tells you — definitively — whether what you’re looking at is truly art. (For the record, the staff here at C-Mon may have had something to do with the writing of the application’s text.)

You can read all about how the Is This Art? app came together at WNYC. And download it — for FREE — from the official website,


A very special thanks to the wonderful Jeffrey Inscho at the Mattress Factory and Nathan Martin, David Evans and Eamae Mirkin and the rest of the incredible team at Deeplocal. You guys are the best mischief-makers a girl could ever ask for.


  1. Donald Frazell

    The definition of creative art is simple, yet overlooked in order to produced tens of thousands of artistes every year in the museo/academic/gallery complex, the pseudo industrial system of releasing naive and ego driven fools from their money.

    There are applied arts, graphic design, cars, household items and such. Decorative arts, illustration, and others related of practical purpose functions.

    And then there is creative art, which has been overwhelmed by the fine arts, which are truly about pleasing and supplying the rich with their assorted decadent “needs” and desires. Mostly absurdist entertainment in the current contempt artscene of fashion and selfishness over humanities needs.

    Creative art is and always has been the intwining relationships and energies created by the three core concerns of humanity. Defining who WE are, exploring nature, and searching for god. all great atrt that hsa alsted has been of these three things, dont trust me, go and look. Its all there, everythng else fades away as mans vanity and arrogance. It is purely visual, the equivalent of music and poetry, never literary prose, which about the individual and reflects decadent times, as in what we have but recenlty ended.

    All times of creative energy are about change, of redefining who we are as the world shifts and we must adapt to truth, not be sophists and adapt it to our desires. It constantly evolves, yet is always built on what came before. For at heart, Mankind has always been the same. Our emotions and desires constant, how they are expressed, in word, sound and art, change. But built on a common foundation we must learn before building upon. Which we now ignore for our profound Self expression and diverting games, we are just so cute and clever and fantastic! LOL!

    art collegia delenda est
    Fine art collegs msut be destroyed
    Save the Watts Towers, tear down the Ivories, the Bastilles and Pharisee’s of Art

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