Art Yoga. And the very many cool happenings at #CLASS.

The Art Yoga tribute to Marina Abramovic: Yoga in lab coats. Later, we sat around and stared at each other. (Screengrab taken from the live webstream.)

There’s all kinds of goodness going down at #CLASS this weekend and in the coming week, starting today with a panel on the art world’s shade of pale, organized by An Xiao, the motivational stylings of Rod Verplanck, and through the weekend, with working sessions and a contemporary art wake. This will be followed, mid-week, by balloon-popping with Man Bartlett, a feminist tea party with Suzanne Stroeb and Caitlin Rueter, a merciless Q&A with art dealer Magda Sawon of Postmasters, and a lecture, on Friday, by Yevgeniy Fiks, on Communist Modern Artists in the Art Market.

I attended Fiks’ fascinating guerrilla tour of MoMA early this week, in which he led us through a number of the works in the permanent galleries created by communists and sympathizers. (See my Tweets from that event here.) The history nerd in me (I have a thing for Cold War-era politics) was totally loving it. You can see reports on the tour at Bloggy and Fiks’ totally wonderful Russian accent just brings it all together.

Find a full schedule of events over at the official website. And I’ll see you in #CLASS.


  1. Maykr

    The lab coats are a nice touch, but judging from M.A’s show opening at MoMA this week, an attire that was substantially more revealing might have been in order.

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